We believe that doulas are valuable to any birth and postpartum experience. As birth doulas, we support planned home births, planned cesarean births, inductions, epidurals, and everything in between. As postpartum doulas, we support you in bonding with the new addition to your family by assisting daily tasks and taking care of your mental health. Adding a doula to your team can help reduce unnecessary interventions and improve your birth and postpartum satisfaction. 

“I’ve housed a human being. A miracle. A life. If it takes a while for me to get back to my normal self, then so be it. This is me. And I love me.”

-Tia Mowry

What do we do as postpartum doulas?

We smooth your transition to parenting your new addition. We assist with feeding questions, sleep questions, and can help with the day to day stresses of life so that you can settle in with your baby. Unlike doctors and hospital midwives, we work with you between birth and your postpartum checkup. We are available to answer many questions and concerns about what is “normal” for you and your baby.  We often do light chores, help care for older children, and help keep baby happy and safe so that you have a chance to care for yourself as well. As women and mothers ourselves, we know the value of good support in the postpartum time, and we work to ensure that you’re well taken care of as you get to know your baby.

What do we do as birth doulas?

We are valuable members of any birth care team. Unlike nurses, we don’t work in shifts. We are able to provide you with 100% of our attention as we cater to your needs as you give birth. The statistics show that doulas increase your odds of a positive birth experience, regardless of what decisions you make. We do this by amplifying your voice and emulating your choices to the rest of your care team. We assist with comfort measures, emotional support, and non-biased, evidence based information. Our goal is to empower you to you make the best decisions for your unique family. We work in addition to your doctor or midwife, as we provide different services. We focus on your needs rather than the medical side of birth. We’re there to work for you, and our goal is your birth satisfaction.

The mother-baby relationship is crucial. Thus, how we treat the women who bring new children into this world- with honor and tenderness or neglect and abuse- profoundly influences the direction of our society.

-Suzanne Arms

We are passionate about helping families through birth and postpartum. We serve families through offering classes and postpartum doula support. Our goal is to help all families find their new rhythm in life as they grow.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration and information for your birth and postpartum.