About the Partnership

New Rhythm Doulas L.L.C. is the brainchild of Karen Phippen and Dezarae Weyburn. This partnership helps provide consistent support for their clients. Unlike traditional doulas that rotate through different backups, Karen and Dez are able to make sure that their clients know both of the doulas that might attend them. Continuity of care can improve births.

These two have been working together since 2016 as two of the facilitators of the Powerful Postpartum Support Group. Both believe that birth is just the first of many challenges to build a family and are passionate about holding space for new families through these immense transitions.

About Dezarae

Dezarae married her high school sweetheart in 2011 and started a family late the following year. She’s mother to two fiercely independent girls that have their daddy’s eyes. She found her interest in birth while pregnant with her oldest, and it’s just grown from there. Dez attended her first birth as a doula in 2013, and it just reconfirmed that doula work was what she was supposed to be doing. Dezarae is trained as a bereavement doula and supports miscarriage and stillbirths, in addition to live births. In 2015, she took a breastfeeding training through the World Health Organization and found a second passion in supporting parents in their chosen feeding method.  The “Breastfeeding, Bottles, & Beyond” class New Rhythm Doulas teaches is a direct result of Dez’s experience and knowledge.

Photo Credit: Nevaeh Weyburn

About Karen

Karen is the fantastic mom of five amazing kids.  She is a dedicated athlete and tries to incorporate exercise into her daily routine. Between soccer games and track meets, Karen home-schools her children and gets all the continuing education she can.  She completed her training with DONA International eight years ago and has served as a birth and postpartum doula ever since.  Karen wants to support families especially in the postpartum period.  She became a crusader of maternal mental health after experiencing postpartum mood and anxiety disorders with her own children.  She has helped run the Climb Out of the Darkness for the past several years, and has helped fund-raise hundreds of dollars for Postpartum Support International and The Mothers’ Nest.