Baby Steps

A New Idea Is Born

This business is our baby.  It has been in the works for months, even before we spoke to one another about it. Karen is coming back from a hiatus from birth work, and Dezarae is finally ready to take the plunge into the deep end, after staying comfortably in the shallows for the past four years. As a team, both of us are able to make this work for our lives and families.

We are passionate about helping families. We are committed to helping amplify women’s voices until they are the most important voice in their birth space. It isn’t enough to be seen, we believe families need to be heard.  We are passionate about support and education. We want all of our clients to feel informed and respected in their care.

Our goal is to grow this profession, not to get rich, but because we feel that ample support is an often unfulfilled need for families in pregnancy, birth, and parenting.  Baby, mother, father, and siblings all deserve better care and support.  We plan to help fill that need!

We can’t wait to see what we can be. 2018, here we come!

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